The Southland Institute
(for critical, durational, and
typographic post-studio practices)


1:1 is an application-based postgraduate-level curricular initiative, launched in Fall 2021, and running currently, which gives enrolled participants the opportunity to curate a term of intensive, personal study composed of individual dialogs with speakers, lecturers, seminar and workshop leaders who have contributed to the actualization of the Southland Institute.

As we all continue to press onward with mutual investment in collective care, we have also slowly begun to experiment and explore what place our own respective expressions have in a markedly uncertain world, questioning along the way the extent to which our varied projects are responsive contributions to matters more complex than ourselves.

This initiative reflects a commitment to recognizing the importance of supporting moments when the articulation of creative endeavors meet the instability of uncertain times. Within this structure, projects, ideas, and questions which have been developing in isolation are granted a range of discursive occasions in which they can be approached and considered at the human scale of a dialog. Each term -- running on a Fall / Spring semestral schedule -- offers multiple tiers of enrollment in 1:1, consisting of 4 or 7 distinct dialogs and access to ongoing advisory support with the Southland Institute's co-directors, Adam Feldmeth and Joe Potts.

Who is 1:1 for?:
This structure is intended to function either as a self-standing educational offering in support of individually prompted study, or as a supplement to adjacent learning / life endeavors a person is currently involved in. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of time commitments and obligations, and to comprise an opportunity to develop ideas / projects / lines of inquiry, within, between, and in relation to the realities of work / family / life / etc.

The Southland Institute's frequent areas of focus involve image, typography, (infra)structure, sound, time, space, pedagogy, archives, and language (and their various vocabularies). We invite work and lines of inquiry in and around these areas, as well as those which sit less comfortably within categories and/or terms.

Participation in 1:1 is by application, including a proposal for what will be discussed.

Application requirements and details


$1300 / term | 5 meetings + 2 conversations with co-director(s)
$800 / term | 3 meetings + 1 conversation with co-director

Fall term runs from September 1-December 15, 2024 | Spring runs from February 1-June 1, 2025

Installment plans are available if needed.