The Southland Institute
(for critical, durational, and
typographic post-studio practices)

Southland Community College Select is a project of the Southland Institute, in which exemplary public courses and educators are identified at various community colleges in the greater Los Angeles area. Criteria for inclusion are that the courses offered are at once rigorous and accessible, offering a range of productive intellectual, technical, and formal challenges for a wide range of people, including those attending college for the first time as well as those with more extensive educational backgrounds or experience.

Southland Community College Select courses take place at a range of institutions, and availability and scheduling at any given time is often contingent upon enrollment and institutional budgets. For specific details and logistics, which are subject to change, follow-up with the individual institutions where the courses are offered is necessary. In order to participate in these courses, enrollment through the offering institution is required. Some courses may have prerequisites that must be filled or waived in order to enroll.

Except where noted, these educators and programs have no formal institutional affiliation with the Southland Institute. The catalog exists to be used as a reference, identifying these exemplary courses, collecting them in one place, and encouraging potential students to do additional research about the institutions, schedules, and persons involved.

The list is intended to function as a starting point for anyone looking to build their own curriculum of high quality courses whose opportunities for discovery, exploration, and growth are comparable to those offered at more costly private and public colleges in the area.

Community college course availability fluctuates with enrollment, state budgets, and other unforeseen variables. While efforts have been made to keep the list up-to-date, inclusion on this list is not a guarantee of continuous offering. It is a suggestion of colleges, departments, courses, and faculty members to research and engage with.

Southland Community College Select is in its early stages, and at the moment is limited. If you are an educator and would like to be included on this list or if you have taken or know of a course that you think should be added, or if something here is listed in error or you believe it should be removed, please contact general |at| southlandinstitute |dot| org.

Current and Recent Southland Community College Select courses

Graphic Design
Typography 1 and 2
Santa Monica College. Instructor Bonnie Tanaka
Next offered June 22-July 27, 2020
History of Graphic Design
Chaffey College. Instructor: Armando Martinez-Celis

ART 604/605/606: Graphic Design 1, 2, and 3 (Southland Institute at LACC)
Los Angeles City College. Instructor: Joe Potts (SI)
(not currently offered)
Southland Institute at LACC was an experimental initiative that ran during the 2018-2019 academic year. In an effort to embed some of the core principles of the Southland Institute into a graphic design curriculum within a broadly accessible and affordable public institution (Los Angeles City College). The initiative was a success but was cut in 2019-2020 as the department decided to shift its focus to digital animation.

Coding and Web Development
ART 645/646: Beginning / Intermediate Web Design
Los Angeles City College.

ART 059: Creative Coding for the Internet
Pasadena City College.

ART 064: Introduction to Interaction Design
Pasadena City College.

Photography and Video
PHOT 021: Introduction to Black and White Photography
Pasadena City College. Instructor: Ian James

PHOT 031: Beginning Digital Photography
Pasadena City College. Instructor: Janna Ireland*

PHOT 030: Introduction to Digital Image Editing
PHOT 136: Video for Photographers
PHOT 140: Professional Practice for Photographers

CRTV 157 Digital Production / Non-Linear Editing
Fullerton College. Instructor: David Weldzius*

Painting and Drawing
ART 020A: Beginning Painting
Pasadena City College. Instructor: Rebecca Morris

ART 020B/020C/021: Intermediate and Advanced Painting
Pasadena City College. Instructor: Claire Baker

ART 075: Exhibition and Presentation of Visual Art
Pasadena City College

English / Writing
Creative Writing Workshop
Santa Monica College.

English 103: Composition and Critical Thinking
West Los Angeles College.

English 9: Experiments in Nonfiction
Pasadena City College

Building Construction
BLDG210: Building Construction
Pasadena City College.

(SI) denotes core faculty at the Southland Institute
* people who have given lectures / presentations at the Southland Institute