The Southland Institute
(for critical, durational, and
typographic post-studio practices)

Source materials:

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Short form reading:

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Relevent viewing:

  • Walk-Through by Redmond Entwistle. 18 minutes, Colour/B&W, 16mm to HD, 5.1, (2012)

Recommended Reading from Southland Institute prospectus 1

  1. Gertrude Stein: Tender Buttons. (1914)
  2. Nathalie Sarraute: Tropisms. (1939)
  3. Marcel Duchamp / Richard Hamilton: The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (a typographic version by Richard Hamilton of Marcel Duchamp's Green Box, Translated by George Heard Hamilton). (1960)
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  14. Lucy Lippard: Six Years: The dematerialization of the art object from 1966 to 1972. (1973)
  15. Enzo Mari: Autoprogettazione. (1974)
  16. Hans Haacke:
    • Shapolsky et al. Manhattan Real Estate Holdings, a Real-Time Social System, as of May 1, 1971. (1971)
    • Framing and Being Framed. (1975)
    • Unfinished Business. (1986)
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  37. Ben Lerner: 10:04. (2015)
  38. Stuart Bailey: Work in Progress: Form as a Way of Thinking. (2015)
  39. Harun Farocki: On Empathy.(2016)

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