The Southland Institute
(for critical, durational, and
typographic post-studio practices)

Outer Schools:

An evolving resource for higher educational alternatives
compiled by the Southland Institute

Self-organizing schools

Hybrid and Transdisciplinary Schools

Art schools

Film Schools

Graphic design / Typography schools

Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and urban design schools

Illustration schools

Independent summer schools

Institutionally affiliated summer schools

Institutionally affiliated free online courses

Other institutionally affiliated programs

Code schools

Comics and sequential art schools

Economics schools

Free schools

Nomadic / portable / online schools

Hypothetical / unrealized schools

Brooklyn schools

MFA alternatives

Schools on schooling

Not quite schools, exactly...

Schools of public art

Supplemental programs

Dance schools

Self-designed curricula

Anti- and Un- schools


Accredited "microcollege" projects and initiatives

Accredited, degree-offering schools, sub $10k tuition

Accredited / degree-offering schools, ($10k+ tuition)

Other pedagogical initiatives

No longer active schools from the recent (and not-so recent) past, along with known dates of operation

Other (often overlapping) archives of educational alternatives

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